The current pandemic forced the closure of cultural entities and left many people in the sector without work. Theaters and cinemas, museums and galleries, libraries and cultural centers are closed. Theater, dance and music companies and groups cannot present their shows in the venues that we know and that we get used to attend. The festivals were interrupted and / or postponed. The circuses are closed.


This radical interruption of cultural activity and the consequent cut in physical contact with the public caused a drastic decline in the income of all workers in the sector, with consequences that are still difficult to foresee in all its dimensions. Today, artists, technicians and administratives of these entities, who dedicate their life and professional activity to cultural creation, have their lives suspended.


It is now the public’s turn to take action. Each of us, in the right measure of our possibilities, can be patron of the cultural entities. An entity that is dear to us, that have played an important role in our life, to which we so often return, to see and hear a new band, to admire a visual artist, to rediscover or discover a ballet, an opera, a symphony.


Cultural entities have been partners throughout our lives. And the realities that materialize in each show, in each exhibition, in each film, in each new book, are built by these people, who are part of this wonderful community to which we belong for passion, but also for reason.


#EuSou Mecenas thus calls on each and every one of us to contribute to these cultural entities, which so many joys and stimuli have given us and which, and fervently hope, return to marvel at their permanent and renewed restlessness. History teaches us that culture and cultural practices, in times of deep crisis, are always a fundamental need that unites and reinvents us.


By supporting the present of cultural entities and their workers, we also help to secure our future. A future that feeds us. A future that challenges us. A future that amazes us. A better future.


1) Choose a cultural entity;

2) Identify the respective IBAN;

3) Make a bank transfer to the IBAN of the cultural entity you have chosen.


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